Beulah Basketball - $50 Deposit

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Beulah Elementary School, 5441 Beulah Rd, Richmond, VA 23237, USA
Nov 15 2021
Feb 26 2022


11/15/2021 - 02/26/2022

BEULAH BASKETBALL Player Registration
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Registration period

Registration for this schedule starts on 06/16/2021 and ends on 01/31/2022


Participants must be 7 to 18 when the program starts.

In-person location

Beulah Elementary School, 5441 Beulah Rd, Richmond, VA 23237, USA



(6600 Strathmore Road, Richmond, VA 23237)

From Monday 11/15, Friday 11/19, Monday 11/22 from 6pm - 10pm

1. Registration: If you have not yet registered, please get registered ASAP. If you wish to register in person, you will be able to do so at practice. Just see one of the Beulah board members. Payments can also be made here. If you require a payment plan or financial assistance, please let us know. We're here to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate! Any player not registered will not be able to practice.

2. DMV IDs: If you need to turn in your child's ID, please do so at practice at our registration tent. If your child does not yet have a DMV ID please work on that ASAP. IDs are REQUIRED for each participant. Once you take your child to DMV for the ID, the turnaround time to receive the ID in the mail is about 5-7 business days. Birth certificates and receipts from DMV will not be accepted in place of the ID. Please do not wait on this as all IDs have to be turned in by August 21st. More info can be found here:

3. Basketball Uniform: A full personalized uniform is included in your registration fee. 

4. Practice Schedule: OPEN GYM WILL BE HELD Monday 11/15, Friday 11/19, Monday 11/22 from 6pm - 10pm, then normal practices will be at the new Beulah Elementary, beginning on the week of 11/29.

5. Practice Gear: For the first week of practice all players should wear a t-shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes. Water is the best thing for them...waiting until the day of practice to start drinking water is not recommended so less sports drinks, juice, and soda and more water. 

6. Volunteers: Our Beulah Colts staff are all volunteers and parents/grandparents within the organization and we would love to have more parents help out. If you're interested in helping out as a team parent, assistant coach, general volunteer, etc. please let us know. You can reply to this email or speak to one of our staff at the registration tent when practice begins if you would like to help out in any way.

7. Team Communication: As the season begins we will set up GroupMe messaging groups for each team. The GroupMe messages will be the main forms of communication for each team. In regards to cancellations due to weather, etc. and other important info...that will be communicated through GroupMe as well as email and our Facebook page.

8. Expectations: All players, parents, coaches, staff, and guests are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and at all times.

9. Additional Communication: Please feel free to call

Lou Lippa at 804-937-8444 or

Felicia Arroyo: 804-362-4115

Tikina Cooper: 804-965-4603

Go Beulah!